Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tech predictions - convergence

On January 12 I had predicted that Internet convergence gateway announced by Cisco will have femto cell functionality. Guess what, there is a news at EE Times today: Cisco invests in femto cell pioneer ip.access.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Convergance--new mantra

Femto cells, the saviors for telecom service provider companies provide convergence between the mobile wireless world and public Internet for efficient delivery of voice and data contents.

Last week Cisco delved on how TV (read multimedia content) and Internet convergence gateways will help telecom companies transform into experience providers (up in value chain).

People are now thinking of adding many other services to such a gateway that can be delivered digitally. It won't be a surprise if such a gateway will also have femto cells as one of the many functionalities it will offer.

So why haven't companies thought of such, what Bob McIntyre calls a super computer for visual networking (I would rather call it as media or experience networking), device before?
  1. the technologies being converged on their own were challenging enough earlier. Companies have now mastered them enough. They now need to have a roamap to stay ahead in a market where todays technology quickly becomes commodity once the competition catches up
  2. better understanding of the usage patterns of various services that have evolved (did you have podcasts, YouTube five years ago?)
  3. with improvements in the raw processing power, memory capacity, processing technologies that help minitiarization and reduction in power consumption/ heat dissipation, signal processing algorithms, convergence seems more thinkable now
  4. and finally the time it takes to seep in complex technological problems and to be able to look at them from a thirty thousand feet removed perspective